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Combicut 250 VA - Tile, Stone & Porcelain Saw

SKU 1188164

Accurate, Chip-free Cutting Performance for the Most Demanding Installations, Day After Day. GUARANTEED!

Today’s tile and stone pieces are larger and more expensive than in years past. Consequently, architects and their clients want the pieces set very close together for that striking “slab look” requiring an accurate, chip-free cutting performance.

• 10" continuous rim porcelain blade included
• Included side table for extra work space
• Included protractor with 180º
• Complete with high flow water pump
• Water valve to control water mist

Combicut 250VA Technical Specifications

GP Series 10” / Item #B000070 (General Purpose) ​
CR Series 10” / Item #B000006 ​(10” Continuous Rim Wet Cut Tile, Stone & Porcelain)