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The Hurricane Category 5 is the 2nd generation of our best selling Hurricane blade. We have taken the same formula as the original Hurricane blade and optimized it to its fullest potential. Hurricane Category 5 consists of a 15mm laser-welded segment that provides the blade with 50% more life. This blade carries a turbo segment in which allows for faster cutting; with double the life than the industry standard. The Cat 5 Hurricane blade stays consistent with its 84 cooling holes, avoiding warping or wobbling during prolonged periods of cutting which generates large amounts of heat. This blade also carries its segments on a 45-degree angle to allow the blade to get into the material quicker.

The Hurricane Cat 5 is designed to cut brick, block, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick pavers, clay pavers, bluestone, flagstone, natural stone, travertine, rebar in concrete, wire mesh, and even granite.