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Combicut 250 Lite - Tile, Stone & Porcelain Saw

SKU 1188174

The Combi 250/1000 & 250/1500 Lite Saws are Designed to Accurately and Easily Cut Larger and More Expensive Tile and Stone

Using precision cast aluminum and modern hi-tech manufacturing methods we have created a saw which is accurate, light, and extremely reliable. Perfect for those jobs which are smaller in nature, yet require cuts up to 40” in length.

• 10" continuous rim porcelain blade included
• Integrated stand with wheel kit
• Included side table for large format tiles
• Included protractor with 180º
• Complete with high flow water pump
• Water valve to control water mist
• Equipped with a laser guide to make cuts quickly and accurately
• High impact removable poly water pan with baffle

CR Series 10” / Item #B000006 ​(10” Continuous Rim Wet Cut Tile, Stone & Porcelain)
GP Series 10” / Item #B000070 (General Purpose)