ColorFast Gloss



COLORFAST™ GLOSS is an eco-friendly, high-solids exterior sealer for concrete, masonry and stone surfaces. It seals and protects against dirt, grime, salt and oil damage while providing a “wet look” gloss that enhances natural color and shine. This inorganic/organic hybrid Nano-Lithium® treatment creates a breathable, protective clear micro-film that is abrasion resistant and will not flake or peel. COLORFAST™ GLOSS cures quickly and provides a hard, glossy, wet look finish to any cementitious or inorganic stone surface. This low odor, non-yellowing, lithium-based solution is VOC compliant and easy to apply.



• Enhances the color of concrete, masonry, and stone surfaces

• Provides premium “wet look” finish

• Replaces traditional acrylic sealers, providing a more durable microfilm

• Adds breathable protection, will not peel or flake

• Rapidly cures with little-to-no-downtime

• Can be reapplied or recoated without stripping

• Functions as anti-graffiti and stain protection for vertical and horizontal surfaces

• Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs

• VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)




Machine-troweled: 800-1000 ft² (19.6-24.5 m² per liter)

Broom-finished: 300-500 ft² (7.4-12.3 m² per liter)

*Coverage rate will vary with concrete porosity and environmental conditions. 

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