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Bob Harris' Guide to Polished Concrete Floors

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This book will provide the instructions needed to produce exquisite polished concrete surfaces. It covers topics such as how to choose the right polishing system for the job, surface preparation, coloring options and more. This guide also covers important business facets such as budget analysis, how to estimate materials, and tips for marketing polished concrete Here are some of the topics covered in-depth in this guide:
  • A to Z instructions for producing exquisite polished concrete surfaces, covering every step in the polishing process
  • How to choose one polishing system over another
  • Important questions to ask before jumping into the business
  • Budget analysis to determine how much to charge for each flooring option
  • How to estimate materials
  • Surface preparation and crack repair
  • Coloring options, including integral color and color hardener (for new concrete) and topically applied stains and dyes
  • Decorative finish options, including the use of stencils, scoring techniques, sandblasting and engraving
  • Considerations for concrete hardness
  • Overview of polishing equipment and diamond tooling
  • Maintenance considerations
  • Tips for marketing polished concrete