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Aalborg Excel - Ultra-High Performance Concrete

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Aalborg Excel is a shrinkage-reduced, ready-to-use, self-compacting Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC). It is used to manufacture thin concrete products that are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Binder, admixtures and aggregates are included. During mixing, you should only add water.

The UHPC product offers enhanced flow for high-surface detailing requirements in complex molds. After mixing with water, the product results in a bright white UHPC that can remain white or colored with pigments. Due to its high flowability, the material’s mechanical properties can be adjusted by adding fibers without affecting its self-compacting properties.

Aalborg White is the cement used in Aalborg Excel. This cement is neutral in terms of meeting the EU requirements for maximum soluble chromium (VI) in cement of 2 mg/kg with no limit on storage time.

Offering predictable and reliable performance with high flexural strength, Aalborg Excel is an excellent choice for:

  • Thin, highly compressive architectural panels such as those used for façade cladding or as sunscreens
  • Artistic and ornamental elements made of concrete
  • Architectural elements for streetscapes, parks and gardens
  • Concrete countertops