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MV Epoxy Primer

SKU 553600

MV Epoxy Primer is a two-part, 100% solids epoxy moisture mitigation system. This moisture-tolerant and VOC-Complaint product limits the transmission of moisture, odor and other elements through concrete slabs.


MV Epoxy Primer should be used when moisture vapor emission rates are high (up to 23 pounds / 1000 ft2 / 24 hours when measured by the calcium chloride tests or up to 99% relative humidity when measured by humidity probe testing).

MV Epoxy Primer meets the requirements of ASTM F3010 standard practice of two-component, resin-based, membrane-forming moisture mitigation systems under resilient floor coverings.

MV Epoxy Primer may be applied to fresh or green concrete that has been poured and in place for 15 days (vs. 30 days).

MV Epoxy Primer is compatible with subsequent coats of MC Epoxy, UltraSpartic HS or UltraSpartic 85 intermediate or topcoats


  • Fast cure / same day topcoat
  • VOC-Compliant
  • Excellent bond to dry or damp surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Single coat application
  • Quick dry time
  • Extremely smooth finish